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Regarding the product offerings from Cypherix, they have three major products that work on various platforms. The Cypherix encryption software is the best Software-based encryption program to secure your data. All three products have different features and can be used by any industry or individual. These products use different types of encryption technologies to ensure the data is secure and the encryption is uncrackable. 


One of the first products on the list is Cryptainer. The Cryptainer series of software packages creates an encrypted secure drive, accessed with a password, which functions as a “vault” to hide any type of data, disk, files, and folders on the system operating on Windows. Just drag and drop any file into the Cryptainer Vault and it is encrypted automatically! Once the vault is closed (using your password), it is invisible to any outsider!

There are a total of five different versions of Cryptainer that one can go for, depending on the requirements. All have the same functionality.

Cryptainer Personal: Cryptainer Personal can be used to encrypt data, disk, files, and folders on the Windows Operating system. It creates encrypted vaults of 32GB. It uses 448-bit encryption, which makes it very secure. It is very easy to use and works on both the 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows. The encrypted vault can be mounted as a virtual disk so that all the applications work seamlessly. It can be used to encrypt data, disk and files on the computer as well as on flash drives, memory sticks, CD/DVDs, and more. It can be used to send encrypted files on emails too.

Cryptainer Pro: It is an upgrade for Cryptainer Personal, especially when you want to use it for bigger tasks. It creates encrypted vaults of 10TB. The Cryptainer Pro is the flagship product, which offers a complete disk encryption package. It supports Blowfish at 448 bits and AES at 256 bits. The software is used to create a virtual hard disk, which is fully encrypted to store your data. It can be accessed with a single password, bringing speed and versatility to the encryption process. Using the software, you can set a password of up to 100 characters. Also, the speed of encryption is at its best. The files can be encrypted at the same speed one notices while copy-pasting a file. The Cryptainer’s symmetric encryption allows the user to encrypt an unlimited number of files and data.

Cryptainer Enterprise: Unlike the previous version, Cryptainer Enterprise has been specifically created for corporate security solutions. It provides encryption security for data at rest. It has the administrative module for password recovery in scenarios such as an employee leaving the company. Also, the software can be easily used with the enterprise’s existing hardware and Windows operating system. Therefore, the clients do not need an upgrade to their existing infrastructure. The secure vault created to hold the data can also be moved to any other Windows using the Cryptainer Enterprise Install. Using this software, unlimited vaults of 10TB can be created. It also has strong features like command line processing, access control, sharing over the internet and intranet, intellectual property protection, and an integrated admin password manager.

Cryptainer USB: This Cypherix encryption software is great when you need to encrypt the data while storing it on a USB drive. It creates an encrypted disk drive that can store any type of data. Since USB drives can be used on multiple systems, the software helps secure them from data leakage and theft. The software can be used to encrypt data on any external device. Also, it is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems. This is great software, especially for professionals who use the USB drive on multiple systems and want to keep the data in their hands, wherever they go. This way, they can not only use the flash drive or USB stick on any system securely but can also be assured that the data will not be stolen.

Cryptainer Lite: This is the free, miniature version of Cryptainer. It has all the functionality of the Cryptainer Personal. It is 448-bit encryption software that can be used to create an encrypted disk drive to store all types of data. Storing the files in the drive is as easy as the drag and drop process. The software works on both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows. This lighter version of Cryptainer can be downloaded and used for free. It seamlessly upgrades to other versions of Cryptainer when you have the need to encrypt more than 100MB.

Secure IT

The SecureIT encryption software is dedicated and meant for encrypting and securing your files. It uses 448-bit strong encryption for file security and provides high compression and command-line processing.  The software uses the BlowFish algorithm at 448 bits, making it very secure and hard to crack. It also has a built-in shredder, so no data is left after the file is deleted permanently. When the files are deleted from the computing environment, it is not completely deleted and can be restored through many software already available on the internet. Using the Secure IT encryption software, we can ensure that there are no data traces left on the system.

 The software is both 32 and 64-bit compatible with Windows. It provides file encryption, folder encryption, compression, shredding, and more. The attachment files on the emails can be encrypted and secured using the software, while the recipient only needs to have the password to access the encrypted file. Using the software is very easy, even for someone encrypting the files for the first time. Secure IT is fast and can process the files and encrypt them in a few seconds. If you encrypt the file using this software, there is no way or trick through which the data can be accessed without the password for the file. 


This is the last product on the list and a freeware utility used by people globally. Since the software is free, anyone can download and install it on the Windows operating system. The decypherit encrypted file decrypter software is a part of the award-winning suite from Cypherix. The software is used to decrypt the encrypted files using the Cryptainer or Secure IT software. The process of using the software is easy. This is a great utility as the person receiving the encrypted files doesn’t need to buy or install Cypherix products on their computers. The user simply needs to locate the encrypted file on their system or if received through email. Using the software, one can enter the file’s password, which will automatically be decrypted for use. The encrypted files using the other two software come with a .sit extension. The same file can only be decrypted using the DeCypher IT software.


There is a suitable product created for everyone’s need. Be it an individual, small business owner and large-scale enterprise, one of the above products can resolve all the needs. Recognized by global companies, Cypherix’s products are credible, flexible and easy-to-use.

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