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Introduction to Cypherix

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, data privacy and security are one of the topmost concerns for any individual and enterprise. There is virtually no privacy on almost all desktops today. Privacy and security that we take for granted in the real world does not exist on your PC. With very little or no effort, all data is accessible to any number to people – from family and co-workers to system administrators and hackers. Although several software services companies manage and provide data encryption services, most of the solutions are complex and require technical assistance. Cypherix entered the market by significantly changing how encryption and data security services are provided to the client. Instead of providing the services that the clients did not have the ownership of, clients can directly purchase Cypherix encryption software, which delivers strong encryption packages. Cypherix delivers cryptography and data security software to most reputed organizations in the world. Instead of leveraging the services, the customers can directly buy and own data encryption software. This data encryption software has no restrictions compared to the data encryption services provided by Service companies. Cypherix also provides data encryption software for standalone USB drives and encrypted storage for cloud accounts.

Origins of Cypherix

Cypherix enterprise was established in 1998 as a solution of an unmet need for data privacy and security in the fast-exploding world of computer usage. As the legend goes, a high-profile court drama was unfolding which had caught worldwide attention. The strategies of one often turned as arsenal for the other as the files on computers were leaked or stolen. To protect their thoughts and processes, Cypherix emerged. Cypherix’s mission is to provide easy-to-use, strong world-class encryption software for all. Since then, Cypherix has become the leading encryption software provider company. Till date, Cypherix is one of the few companies worldwide to specialize in cryptography and data security. Latest technology, innovative integrated concepts and usability makes Cypherix products the best data security option.

Cypherix is a Software provider company rather than a Service provider company. Instead of using restricted encryption software from any third-party company, individuals, companies, and enterprises can directly purchase encryption software that can be used to protect their data. When the client gets a Cypherix software product from us, all the control and restriction lie in their hands. Unlike Service provider companies, providing the same encryption technology as a service, we provide complete and personalized software packages with the highest industry standards.

Cypherix provides the best encryption software product range with Cryptainer as our flagship product. The Cypherix team was created with some of the best and most experienced professionals to develop powerful, cutting-edge strong encryption products. Cypherix uses the best encryption technologies, like Blowfish at 448 bits, AES, RSA, etc. As computer technology and internet availability evolves over the decades, we strive to achieve robust solutions with the latest customized features. We ensure that our clients have the utmost satisfaction with the software and are covered from the latest threats. We use the most secure algorithms available in encryption technology, which are uncrackable, and can be used anywhere in the world.

How do we achieve it?

So how do we achieve this and ensure that our clients always remain satisfied with the software provided? It is all because of the experienced and focused team that helps us achieve industry-standard every time. Our dedicated team of professionals in encryption technology works countless hours to ensure that you have the best and most secure software. Our team uses different case studies and client requests to incorporate new features in the ever-evolving world of computers and online users. As a result, our software has the best encryption security in the market.

Use it regardless of the location

Our software packages are fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows on PC. One of the major advantages of using our encryption software on different domains is that it is not restricted by location. You can use the same encryption method at various office locations throughout the globe. Since it is not restricted due to geographical reasons, a company can also use it in overseas locations. In fact, it can be used as an ecosystem for various office locations. It is one of the best advantages for a company that is either looking to expand its operation or already has offices in various locations. Using the same encryption method also makes it easier for companies to secure the data internationally and use the same encryption package everywhere.

Types and Medium of software

When our encryption software was created, it was available for purchase in the form of floppies and CDs. However, with time, and advancements in cloud technology, you can now purchase and download the software directly through our online portal. You can now simply download the software and install it on your system. You can contact our team anytime for any help and advice about the software. The installation process is simple and will only take a few minutes to complete installation and ready to use.

We offer different types of encryption software like Disk encryption software, Free Encryption software, and password-protected USB flash drives. Lock folder, Password Protect folders, Folder encryption software, File encryptions software, Enterprise encryptions software, and more. We also work with our clients to provide customized encryption software based on their requirements and needs. Using the best available and high-grade encryption techniques, we provide the best form of data security available in the market.

It is complete encryption software

No doubt, hiring an Encryption Services provider does not give the companies full control over the restrictions and data. It can be a significant problem, especially when someone else controls the encryption method for data security. Owning Cypherix as an encryption software will ensure that the company and the client gets exclusive and full access to all the encryption elements. Different versions of the software are designed for different types of business and client requirements. Be it a small or large-scale company; there is an encryption software model for everyone.

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