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Cypherix is the leader in software-based encryption software for enterprises and individuals. Since each individual and company has certain requirements, which are different from each other, Cypherix created different versions of their encryption software to provide different functionalities. One of the most popular encryption software they provide is the Cryptainer enterprise encryption software. However, based on the individual requirements, many different versions of the same can be purchased directly. All these versions have the best encryption algorithms and are completely secure. All have the same functionality. The predominant difference between them is the size of the encrypted volume you can create. In addition to purchasing the software package that fits your needs, there is a free miniature version too. There are 5 different versions of the Cryptainer enterprise encryption software that the user can buy and use. 

Cryptainer Personal

The Cryptainer Personal version is used to encrypt any data, disk, files, and folders on the Windows system. Just like all the other software versions, this is also supported on 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows. The encryption algorithm creates 32GB capacity encrypted drives or “vaults” for all the data that the user wants to store. All the data can be copied into the drive through the simple drag and drop functionality and is encrypted. Multiple vaults can be created and each of these drives can be easily loaded and unloaded individually. It is used to store the data in encrypted form and can be accessed through a single password only. The software is easy to use, has a simple interface, and is impossible to crack. It can encrypt any kind of data on the PC, flash drives, USB drives, Memory sticks, CD/DVD, and more.

Cryptainer Pro

This is one of the most popular versions of the Cryptainer software and provides users with a strong disk encryption package. It brings encryption with some of the most secure algorithms like Blowfish at 448 bits and AES at 256. The software allows the user to create a virtual hard disk (vault) on the system that can store all the sensitive data in encrypted form. The best part about the software is that all the files in the virtual disk can be accessed with a single password. It comes with both speed and versatility, making the tool efficient for all environments.

It can create up to 10TB encrypted containers for data storage. The version has no format limitation and can be done with file formats like text, tabular, graphics, database, audio, video, and more. The user can set a password of up to 100 characters for access, and the interface is fairly easy to use, like in all the versions. The software supports all Windows versions, including 32 and 64-bit operating systems. The user can create multiple virtual drives and work on them simultaneously.


The Enterprise version of Cryptainer enterprise encryption software is designed and developed to be used by corporate as they have a bigger encryption requirement for larger amounts of data. It is a comprehensive solution for encryption-based security solutions. The vault can be moved from one Windows machine to another using the Cryptainer Enterprise install. The software uses BlowFish strong encryption scheme at a bit strength of 448 bits. The software currently has more than 7 million users worldwide and is one of the most stable software in its segment.

Cryptainer Enterprise allows to create unlimited encrypted containers (drives) each of up to 100 Terabytes. It ensures privacy by keeping the data secure on the PC and any kind of removable device. It provides encryption security for data at rest. It has the administrative module for password recovery in scenarios such as an employee leaving the company. This is one of the most apt versions of the software for the growing needs for security and privacy in an enterprise. The ease of use makes it one of the best software for new users. One can easily drag and drop the files in the virtual drives created by the software and share them with the other users efficiently. It is used to maintain the legitimacy and integrity of data and has built-in protection for all executables and binaries. If you are looking for secure encryption software for your business, this is the version to go for.  

Cryptainer Lite

As the name suggests, the free and lite version of the Cryptainer encryption manager lite provides secure encryption for your data. Just like the other software versions, this version also comes with a 448-bit strong encryption that ensures the security of your data. The software can be a comprehensive solution to encrypt any data on disk drives, files, folders, and more. It will easily work on 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems and can create an unlimited number of encrypted drives on the hard disk. It will appear like any normal drive on the Windows operating system and uses a simple drag and drop functionality to save the files.

The software is fast, and the file encryption procedures take merely a few seconds. Although it is free software, it allows the users to encrypt the disk drives on removable media. When it comes to the interface, it cannot be easier than it already is. Although all the difficult work of encryption takes place in the background, the user can use the software easily. The interface has been designed to keep it simple and easy to use without difficulty. Even a first-time user will be able to operate the software easily. The files sent through emails can also be encrypted using it, and the recipient does not need to have the same software to decrypt the files.

The software can be used on various Windows operating systems like XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8.1, Windows 10, and even on the latest Windows 11 and more. The supported file systems are FAT, FAT12, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS with EFS, etc. The best part is the free version which is available for storing 100MB data. If you want to encrypt bigger files, then you will have to purchase the other versions, which are paid.

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