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Encryption software for freelancers


In the 21st century, hackers have gained significant technical expertise to invade any device and steal or destroy the data. Sometimes, when cyberattacks occur, individuals or businesses are aware that they were hacked; while sometimes the users are not even aware that they were hacked. In both the scenarios, loss of data is precarious for the individuals and the business. Despite the emphasis and action on the rules and regulation around the globe on data privacy, hackers manage to find a way of invading and surpassing these laws. Across the world, officials have been actively introducing acts to safeguard the users; however, the cyberattacks continue to rise steeply.

With the increasing data consumption and creation, data security has become pivotal in our lives. As individuals today, we are exchanging and storing sensitive data on our devices like bank details, Government identification number and photos, intimate photos, audio, and video, which can be misused if hacked. The growing online activity such as shopping, banking, paying bills, filing taxes, virtual consultations are all forms whereby which data is stored in our computers and laptops. Similar to how we lock our valuables in our homes to secure them, we need encryption to safeguard our valuable data from the cybercriminals and petty thieves out at large.

Significance of Data Protection for Freelancers

Freelancers are today’s top working force where millions of individuals earn their livelihood by offering their services independently across IT, programming, developing, marketing, sales, designing, content writing, animation, video making, etc. Complimenting the start-up culture, freelancers are slated to continue to grow worldwide with market estimation being around $20-30 billion by 2025.

A day in the life of freelancers involves visiting multiple websites to gain client contracts, research online for delivering their work, storing the work on their computers or laptops, and emailing or uploading the files on the websites for review to the client. Throughout the cycle, there lies downloading, uploading and exchange of data. The data shared by both the client and the freelancers is sensitive in nature especially when there is exchange of customer information, brand guidelines, or brand intellectual property materials. If the data was to be compromised online or physically stolen, it can cause adverse effects like loss of brand reputation, loss of the contract, legal implications, and overall financial impact. Storing data by password protecting individual files on cloud, systems, or on email can still be taken away in case of a cyberattack. Hence, it is crucial that freelancers invest in a data encryption software that offers them the flexibility they desire.

Protecting Data with Cryptainer Personal

Based on the kind of work offered by the Freelancer community, the data stored is in varying formats. File formats such as word documents, excel, PowerPoint, photos, audio, video, etc. reside on their systems. Additionally, as most of them work on stringent timelines, it is difficult to use a software that takes time to install and encrypt data. Enter Cypherix’s Cryptainer Personal, the unbreakable data encryption software.

Cryptainer Personal is an easy-to-use data encryption software. Users simply drag and drop their files into the volume (vault) to encrypt it instantly. The software offers the flexibility of encrypting data on any media like USB, memory sticks, CDs, DVDs; thus creating an encrypted backup for your future reference. With Cryptainer Personal, users have the flexibility to secure any and every kind of file on a single click. The files will be fully encrypted and can only be read with a password. Even the user cannot have any access without a password.

Advantages of Cryptainer Personal for Freelancers

With the increasing work and clients, you need to segregate the data and store in different folders. Cryptainer Personal offers you the option of not only building unlimited volumes or vaults, but also at any time work with any number of volumes. Despite the size of the file, the data encryption software encrypts the data in a matter of seconds, thus saving your precious time for more productivity. The data encryption software allows you to encrypt any amount of data in dedicated spaces of the virtual hard disk. Additionally, at times client would request to delete the intellectual property after the work is over. Even if the files are deleted from the system, the online traces lie on your computer. Cryptainer Personal has in-built shredder which deletes file completely.

A freelancer often maintains multiple portfolios with different passwords. Cypherix’s Cryptainer Personal gives you the ability to customize the passwords which can be a combination of alphabets and number up to 100 characters. Thus, as a user you are free to use long phrases which you can remember as the password.

Freelance work demands exchanging emails not just with clients, but also suppliers at times. In order to maintain the confidentiality of the data, securing emails are important. Cryptainer Personal allows users to send secure emails too. There are three ways in which the emails are encrypted: 

  • Standalone files: The files will be approachable from the end of the recipient. They can visit or view the email regardless of any window or software. All the recipient requires is the password or phrase to access the email. There’s no need for any other software.
  •  SIT Files: In this method, the users create .sit encrypted files. Many a time, virus scanners delete some files per se due to the perilous nature of the virus. Hence, by creating. sit, the files can be emailed to the recipient safely. To decrypt the file, the recipient needs to download the DecypherIT software and access the encrypted file. This is a free utility software for recipients to be able to read the files that you have sent.
  • Sending Secured Vaults: Cypherx’s Vaults could be sent to the recipients. The recipient should have a supplementary volume and password or phrase to read the file.

Algorithm of Encryption Software

The data encryption software is compliant with two of the best encryption algorithms available- Blowfish & AES.

The Blowfish is lashed with 448 bits of implementation that ensures that your data is encrypted and safe against any form of cyber-attack.

Recommended by NIST, the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is being used by U.S. government organisations to protect their data from every cyber-attack. It gives you complete security against every cyber-attack. Despite the best-in-class data security algorithm; the software still has an easy-to-use interface to create new file/folder within encrypted drive. 


Cryptainer Personal is encryption software that not only safeguards your data but also protects your reputation as a Freelancer. With a strong data encryption software like Cypherix’s Cryptainer Personal, clients would not shy away from sharing their confidential data. Cryptainer Personal enables you to gain the confidence of the client who feel secure in sharing their sensitive information. Backed by globally renowned unbreakable encryption algorithm, the data encryption software also enhances your credibility across the client which can result in increasing your work.  Thus, investing in a restriction less software like Cryptainer Personal, you can boost your revenue.

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