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Encryption Software for Personal Use


In the digital era, there is an ever-increasing speed at which data is consumed and generated today. Everyone and anyone connected to a device like computer, tablets, USBs, and hard drive is a potential target for hacker. Hackers invade individual’s systems too for financial gain, selling information to drive shift in opinions, and exchange of information involved in damaging personal reputation of the individual.

Despite data privacy laws, systems can get hacked while browsing, sharing emails, and actioning links that link data storage in your system. Data protection does not involve hackers only, it also secures data from being accessible to users other than the owners. Safeguarding personal data like documents, bank statements, files on future plans, photos, emails is essential is today’s world for the individual. Given the rise of data loss incidents, gaining understanding of data encryption products and mechanisms can help individuals make wise decisions and protect their sensitive data.

Importance of Data protection for Individuals

Individuals think that locking the computers or devices with passwords protects the data. But the reality is different. If the device is compromised in case of cyberattack or physical theft, there lies a possibility of unauthorized access of your files, photos, database etc. By storing unencrypted data on the computer, tablets, cloud, or USBs, one is leaving themselves in a vulnerable position. For instance, if you store your financial details, credit card passwords on the system and the device is lost, anyone with access can misuse the information against your favour. Most users think storing data on cloud servers is safe, but the cloud storage is unlocked, and anyone can hack into the cloud and steal your vital information for their personal gain.

Every data on the system is of immense value. Like how we safeguard our valuables in lockers or safe, similarly personal data files too should be locked to prevent against malicious activity. Data encryption is a security measure that prevents reputation loss, if someone tries to impersonate you using your social media credentials or emails stored on the system.

Working Methodology of Encryption Software

Cypherix encryption works by converting your data into ciphertext and locking it in vaults, which can be viewed only by users who have the key to open the vault. Practice of data encryption, however, is not a recent technology. The method of converting data into unreadable “Ciphers” has its roots in the Roman Empire Julius Caser Era, wherein crypted messages were sent across to communicate with the troops. Computer was used as a mechanism of encryption during the second World War by German cryptologists to send secret messages.

Today, the technology has evolved with use of unbreakable algorithms. The algorithms have the capability of converting large files into unreadable formats within seconds. The data for someone who does not have the password or the key, appears as a series of randomized codes. The algorithms render the information unreadable, thus protecting the confidentiality of the data. The entire algorithm works on its own without the involvement of the user. Thus, users who once install such software need not worry about getting into technical nitty gritty of encryption. The software does the work.

Drag-and-drop Encryption Software

Where technology has become robust, there are instances where the complexity of implementing technology rises too. For users who have basic knowledge and lack the advanced technical expertise, installing and working on encryption software can be a challenge. Cypherix’s Cryptainer Personal (PE), is one such data encryption software which is compatible with all Windows versions

The software protects your data by building a virtual hard disk which can be accessed with a single key (password). Instead of remembering individual passwords, one can simply secure their data with one key. Cypherix’s Cryptainer Personal is user-friendly and does not need computer expertise. The user simply uses the basic “drag-and-drop” function to move their data into the vault where it is automatically encrypted in seconds. The software is easy to download and install, equipping all individuals who know Hindi and English to secure their confidential information. Cryptainer personal goes the extra mile of safeguarding your email communication as well.

As a user, you can create as many vaults as you deem fit to store your information and files and keep it encrypted. Vault is nothing but a drive where you store your data by simple “drag & drop”. The vault is also known as the volume. It presents like any other drive on your computer, such as C or D. The icon will automatically vanish or disappear from your screen when you close the vault you have created. You can later access the vault after entering the Password thereof. In the event you would want to delete the file, you can delete from the system, but the traces continue to remain. Cryptainer’s in-built shredder deletes the file with its footprint from the system forever; giving you the ultimate protective shield you desire.

There are multiple scenarios which happen in our lives where the need for strong encryption software is a mandate. Let’s look at some of them:

  1. Sharing travel information while going on a vacation: When holidaying one needs to share the Government ID, Passport of family members traveling together. The travel agent needs this sensitive information to book the vacation. Using Cryptainer Personal, create encrypted files to send by email. You have the choice to make it self-extracting file. The travel agent does not need to have the software but simply enters the password to open it.
  2. Storing financial information on the computer: In today’s world, almost everyone stores a copy of financial transactions, government ID Card, bank statements, loan information, bank details like account number, personal home accounts, intimate photos etc. on their PC, which if left exposed, can cause a disaster in the individual’s lives. Deploying Cryptainer Personal vaults, which is as simple as drag-and-drop function, allows you to store every kind of file format with a single motion. The vaults can be accessed only with the password.
  3. Sharing financial information: While filing taxes, individuals need to share access of income tax credentials, bank account details like account numbers, tax ID numbers etc. Mishandling of such a sensitive information can be disastrous for individuals. Using Cryptainer Personal, create encrypted files to send by email. In addition to self-extraction feature choice, another robust option is to simply click and create .SIT files which can be sent by email. The recipients will need to download the free DecypherIT utility which enables the reader to decrypt the .SIT file. User does not share passwords in this approach.
  4. Storing backups on cloud accounts: Photos, audios, videos are often files that consume significant space on the computes and laptops. To free up space, you create backups on the cloud. With Cryptainer Personal, you can encrypt your backup before you upload it to cloud. The encrypted files are unbreakable and safe to upload on any cloud account. The software creates volume files on removable media too, so user is not worried about the physical theft.
  5. Saving information instantly: Imagine working on a sensitive project and a family member, friend or child comes along. You can simply drag and drop the information in the Vault where it is encrypted within seconds despite the size of the data.
  6. Interconnected devices means digital footprints are spread all over: You can aggregate the digital footprints on your computer by transferring data on the system and then encrypt these data in one place for future use. The software has no limitations on the number of vaults the user can create, thus giving you flexibility to store huge volumes of data.


No matter how strong your password is, cyberattacks and physical thefts can lead to data breaches which can have adverse effects on you. Cryptainer Personal is an ideal software that enables the user to create a volume (vault) to secure the personal information of the user against any outsider. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, the software is compatible, flexible, and unbreakable. Users can protect all kinds of information from different devices by creating vaults on their computers which can be loaded and unloaded anytime.

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