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Encryption Software Myths for Personal Usage


We hear about data breach incidents every day and sometimes several times in a single day. With the advancements in technology, cyberattacks have escalated. Today data breaches are not just limited to the companies, data from individuals too can be stolen for financial gain. Everyone with access to a technology device is a potential victim of cybercrime. A single data breach incident or loss or theft of the computer can jeopardise your lifelong finances and reputation.

The rising trend of cyberattacks presses importance on the need for everyone to have a data encryption software installed on their systems. Though ancient encryption methodology revolved around the rearranging letters, today’s advanced encryption algorithms make the data unreadable. The data is scrambled into random characters and locked unless the recipient enters the key to read the data.

How does Encryption Work

As cybercrime becomes a global business, all of us are at a risk. It is hard to put a value to data stored in our systems. In the absence of any encryption algorithm, we leave ourselves exposed towards cyberattacks. Encryption software helps in protecting the data from being misused, damaged or alter.

Encryption technologies lock the data and prevent unauthorized access of the data other than the owner. Essentially, with encryption only the users who have the key to decipher the data can read the data. The encryption algorithms are independent of the data format. They can encrypt all kinds of data without modification or alteration of the data. Even if one can crack the technology of the algorithm – DES, AES, BlowFish etc., they cannot open the file. In order to read the files, the user must have a tool to decrypt the data and the secret key. Thus, be it individuals or small businesses, all need to invest in a data encryption software. Though individuals recognise the need for data encryption, some common myths exist. These prevent them from going ahead with a software and protecting their data from cyberattack.

Encryption Software Myths

Encryption software lessens the productivity of your device

Earlier forms of encryption used to lower the productivity of your device. This occurred because it overtook the free space of your system. The computers designed nowadays are built with the usage of data encryption software in mind. You can freely store encryption software on your device to protect your data. Cypherix has state-of-the-art encryption algorithm providing encryption on-the-fly. By installing the unbreakable Cryptainer Personal, the productivity of your device will not be compromised.

Encryption software is excessively pricey

Users often think installing firewalls, keeps their data safe. However, the reality is completely different. Hackers still can evade the firewalls and comprise the data for their benefits. The data loss can cause irreversible damages which when compared to the cost of investing in a software may not seem that high. Cryptainer Personal offers you a free limited time trial software version which you can try before investing in the software. The return of investment on your purchase of Cryptainer Personal far exceeds the emotional and financial stress caused by personal data loss. You also get free updates & upgrades of the software for one year from the date you purchased the software.

Encryption software requires significant knowledge of command

Most users think that implementation of software, algorithms is complex. They need adequate technical expertise. However, with Cypherix’s data encryption software, you can install the software simply by double-click on the Cryptainer icon on your desktop, create the volume (vault) with your choice of key (password) and you’re all set to go. To encrypt your files, simply use the drag and drop method to move your files into the volume and it is automatically encrypted. Cryptainer Personal for individuals can run in its entirety by anyone who can use computer for basic purposes. One does not undergo trainings or courses to be able to manage the software. The help section on Cypherix website offers simple step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

Encryption software requires command of English language

If English is not your first language of choice, Cypherix website and software products are available in several other world languages such as Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Japanese languages.

Using the identical, robust software package the user can create a vault and encrypt data by dragging & dropping the files in the vault, all in the language of their choice. A vault is nothing but a volume where the files can be stored. The user can locate the sensitive data in the volume. Moreover, the user can create as many vaults as required to safeguard the files.

Only giant companies need encryption software

In this digitalisation, cybercrimes are taking place and increasing day by day. On average, around 50k cases related to cybercrimes are being reported on a daily basis.

Most users believe that hackers target only big companies. However, even individual data can be stolen and sold by scammers. Hackers can use your identity for dubious reasons. Personal data can also get compromised at any point in time. Hence, the requirement for encryption software is pervasive. Every individual who holds any and every form of data should have encryption software for safety & security purposes.

There are indeed multiple myths that have been showcased as real and that prevents the users from buying an appropriate encryption software. But individuals must understand the need for encryption software in the age of digitalization for their data security.

Encryption Software for Personal Usage

Cryptainer Personal, as the name signifies, has been developed for your personal usage. It is pertinent to note that many households share a single device or computer. So, encrypting the sensitive data from other family members becomes impossible. There might be certain information which you would like to be available for your eyes only. Installing Cryptainer Personal can help you secure your data. You can simply drag & drop your data (Pictures, files, recordings, etc) in the selected vault you have created.

The software gives you the freedom to create multiple vaults and store the data. Vaults are the volume that can be created at a time to save the data. Once the data is saved or stored in the volume, closing the vault removes it from the active desktop and hides it. To access the vaults, double-click on the icon to open. Only a user with the correct key for the vault can open it to read the files.


Cypherix software packages are one of the most advanced encryption products available in the contemporary market. It protects your most sensitive data against any cyberthreat and capable to secure your emails and information against all odds. The encryption of Cryptainer Personal software works well on a PC with every version of MS Windows such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 9, and 11. The software is easy and simple to operate, thus no training is required to utilise the product.

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