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Encryption for Educational Institutions

How cyberattacks are affecting the educational institutions

Like everything else, education is being transformed with the increasing use of technology. Most educational institutes and universities have been providing educational content through online classes. Even students have their university accounts, which they can log in from anywhere and access the content. Although it has been a great way of educating the students, it has also increased the number of cyber-attacks faced by educational institutes. In 2021, 60% Educational institutes were attacked by ransomware and only 2% of them were able to recover their data.
After the COVID19 pandemic, most universities moved towards online classes since physical classes were not allowed. Now hybrid classes are the new way of teaching students, a mix of physical and online classes. With students’ data and content available online, universities and schools must ensure better privacy and security of the data. They now need stronger compliances and regulations, which can minimize the threat of a data breach.

Data Stolen from Educational Institutes

With the increase in the use of technology, which is evolving daily, cyber-attacks have become a lot more difficult to handle. As per Business Standards, the education sector is one of the biggest targets of cyber threats. But why are the hackers attacking educational institutes? Institutes have sensitive data of the students and their parents such as their social security number, credit card details, the Government ID details, address, phone number, medical records, and other important and sensitive data. The amount of Personal Identifiable Information available with schools, colleges, universities is massive making them a huge prospect for ransomware attack.

The data can be harmful for any student if it is in the wrong hands. Also, the same data can easily be sold to anyone if hacked. Apart from the student data, universities, schools, and other educational institutes also have data related to research and studies associated with the government. These government secrets can be devastating if the hackers get their hands on them.

At the classroom level exams, stored as files or folders, can be accessed and distributed prior to the exam date leading to dishonest and unfair student activities compromising the integrity of academic institutions.

Need for Data Encryption

Due to increased cyber-attacks, educational institutes have now taken better measures to make the data safe. Also, enhanced data security measures are implemented on the servers through which students access the data. However, what happens if the hackers can access the data on the system through emails, or chats or a cloud server? In that case, there is nothing that can be done afterward. Since the hackers have access to the data, they can use the data for their benefits either financially or through identity theft. However, there is still one way through which the data can be saved, even if there is an unauthorized access on the system, and that is through Data Encryption.

Data Encryption allows the entire data on the system to be converted into a virtual disk (vaults) that cannot be read unless brought back to its original form using a password. Encryption software provides another level of safety and security to the data and limits access. For example, if a teacher decides to save all the files in an encrypted folder or vault, they would be relieved from any kind of stress about the data leak. Malicious emails and links are some of the most used techniques to gain access to the data. However, with data encryption software, they will only access the data that cannot be read or used.

Safeguarding Data with Encryption Software

Cypherix’s encryption software packages are ideal for educational institutions. The software can be used in a simple drag and drop manner enabling those with basic computer knowledge to be able to use the software. The data protection software is compatible with all Windows version and does not affect the productivity of the machine. Supported by Blowfish 448 bits and AES 256 bits, the algorithm of the software is unbreakable. Their enterprise software supports the need for educational institutions by having an administrative control preventing data leak in case of teachers or staff members leaving the workplace.

Both the software packages – Cryptainer Pro and Cryptainer Enterprise, work by encrypting data into vaults which can be accessed only with password. Thus, teachers, students, principals, and trustees can secure data from unauthorized use.

Functionality of Cryptainer Pro

With a simple drag and drop function, users can create multiple vaults or virtual disks. The entire operation is completed within irrespective of the file size, thereby saving productivity for the business. The data protection software provides you with flexibility of securing all types of files. Educational institutions have data in different file formats, worksheets, excel, word, powerpoint, audio, videos, photos and much more. All these can be stored safely in vaults on a single click. Instead of creating multiple passwords for different folders, with one customized password teachers, students, principals, and trustees can access the folder. The encryption software has an easy-to-use software within the disk too. Educational bodies have multiple removable drives which have data, Cryptainer allows you to protect the data on the removable drives as well by creating vaults and thus encrypting the data. In case of physical theft or loss of the drive, your data remains secured against the unauthorized usage. Principals might need to work with multiple data sources at one go, Crypatiner Pro let’s them access multiple drives simultaneously without comprising the function of the system.

How Cypherix Helps Educational Institutes

Modern day school have free exchange of information occurring via email, Google spreadsheets, removable drives. All of these are potential hacking medium by which data can get stolen and misused for financial and personal gain. The attack not only causes financial loss to the institute but adds to the reputation loss which is irrecoverable. With Cypherix’s Cryptainer Pro  you can secure email with passcode, the recipients can access the data only if they have the passcode. Recipients need to download the DecypherIT software and access the files shared using the passcode. Similarly data on cloud space of Google can be encrypted before uploading making it unreadable to users who access the file without the password.


With increasing digital footprints and online presence of schools, colleges and universities, data security for educational institutes has become a priority. Using the best encryption software, they can be stress-free about data misuse by hackers. Encryption software is not a requirement for educational institutes but a necessity in the ever-increasing world of cyberthreats. Also, Cypherix Cryptainer software packages are compliant with the data regulatory standards like HIPAA making them a viable data encryption software.

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