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Encryption for Independent Filmmakers


Data encryption is the need of the hour for almost every individual and company who deals with data. Since data theft and hacking issues have been increasing at an alarming rate, data encryption is becoming more and more important. Although data encryption was known to be very important for business organizations only as they handled a lot of data on a daily basis, it has also become pivotal for independent professionals like filmmakers. News of videos from movies being leaked and available on torrent websites, images and content, and movies being stolen and used are a few issues that independent filmmakers go through. However, with data encryption, these issues can be resolved.

Data attacks on independent filmmakers and film studios have happened in the past as well. For example, one of the most established film studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, was hacked by a group of hackers called “Guardians of Peace” in 2014. The hackers were able to get their hands on a lot of data like employees and their families, emails, and information about executive salaries.

Apart from this, they were also able to access unreleased Sony films, plans for future Sony films, and scripts for certain films, which led to a huge financial loss for the company. Despite the strength of Sony Pictures, their data was compromised, proving the advances in hacking technologies. Imagine if this happened to an independent filmmaker. Hence, safeguarding data using appropriate methods, is critical for filmmakers to protect their intellectual property.

Attacking a Filmmakers Data

Hackers can access sensitive information from independent filmmakers, which can be sold on the dark web or to other people in the industry for a huge amount of money. Elements like movie scripts, images from the movie, video clips, details of the actors, and other crew members. Apart from the intellectual property, hackers can gain access to the financials of the filmmakers, which can be misused for personal gains. Loss of client-centric data can create a breach of trust between the filmmaker and the customer potentially leading to cancellation of contract all together. Details and data like movie scripts can be sold by hackers to the competition which would hamper the originality of the movie created by the independent filmmakers. The same details can also be used to release the video clips of the movie online before release, which we also know as piracy. Thus, there are umpteen amount of data that is exchanged by the filmmaker which if left in wrong hands can cause compromising position for the filmmaker.

Why Filmmakers Need Encryption

Adopting the practice of data encryption, filmmakers can safeguard their and client data as well communication from the cybercriminals. The encryption technology converts the data into unreadable format which even if compromised during a cyberattack is of no use to the hacker. Data encryption software protects data at rest, stored on removable devices and even emails. Thus, a robust protection exists which secures data of the filmmaker and their clients. The encrypted data can only be accessed using the passcode similar to a safety lock which can be accessed with the right key only. With encryption, one can bid woes to remembering individual passwords of multiple data formats.

Advantages of Cryptainer Pro for Filmmakers

Data encryption with software like Cryptainer Pro is one of the easiest ways to secure from cyberattack. The encryption software creates a vault on your system, which will look very similar to a drive on your Windows computer system. All the files that are stored in the vault are automatically encrypted in a format that cannot be interpreted. The files can easily be added to the vault using the drag and drop process, similar to what one does to move the file from one folder to another.

The interface of the Cryptainer Pro data encryption software is easy-to-use, and hence can be used without technical expertise by anyone with a basic computer knowledge. Cryptainer Pro can encrypt all kinds of files like audio, videos, word, excel in a fraction of minute. Thus, the filmmakers can secure their data from the predators. As a filmmaker, one has data stored in various devices like disks, drives, cloud etc. The data encryption software enables you to encrypt the backups by creating volume files on the removable media. Cryptainer Pro let’s filmmakers work on multiple volume files simultaneously without compromising the productivity of their system. Editing the vaults within the encrypted drive is as easy as using a cut, copy, and paste function. Filmmakers have an enormous volume of data, Cryptainer Pro gives you flexibility by offering encryption for infinite data. Built on Blowfish and AES encryption technology, the data encryption software offers Global compliance of data security standards for the filmmakers.

Filmmakers exchange information over emails. Cryptainer Pro encrypts your emails too, securing the confidentiality of the information. Sending the encrypted file over email will ensure that even if it gets hacked during transit, it cannot be accessed or read. When the recipient of the email receives the file, they will only be able to access it with the password added to the file by the owner. Overall, data encryption ensures that all your data remains hidden in cases of data theft.


With the rise of hacking technology and usage of digitization, storing data can be a risk. Protecting individual files, folders, disks, drives or even the system is not enough. Physical theft of systems and hacking of data stored can cause financial, reputational and identity theft for individual filmmakers.

Cryptainer Pro is an ideal data encryption software for independent filmmakers. It provides encryption of backups too, which can be great for filmmakers to save their videos, audio, and other important files. The encryption level on Cryptainer Pro is regularly updated with the last update to ensure that the data is secured from cyberattacks. Compatible with all the windows, filmmakers need not invest in any additional software. The easy interface lets filmmakers use the data encryption software without any technical expertise too. Filmmakers’ role includes not just creating data but also managing and protecting the data from the cybercriminals.

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