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Encryption for Individual Business Users


Data is a gold mine for any business today. Data drives the policies, strategies, and the future roadmap for any company. Importance for data is not only limited to large organizations, even the small-medium size businesses managed by individuals need to understand how critical data is for their business. Data could help them take their small or new business to the next level and help them compete in the market. However, what happens when the same data related to their company is hacked or stolen? The results could be devastating, especially for a company that is handled and managed by an individual. There are many reasons why hackers and data attacks are successful in getting access to the data of such individual business users. Data theft and hacking could ruin the entire business for an Individual business owner, causing the entire business to cease its operation. 

Data Attacks on Individual Business Owners

Cyberattacks are escalating daily and large companies undertake appropriate measures to prevent them. However, for small-scale businesses and Individual business owners, it is not possible to spend a hefty amount on their data security. Often, they  store sensitive data on portable drives like USB drives, removable hard drives, and even on cloud. Hackers and data attackers can easily access data on such a device, and sometimes hold the business at ransom for sensitive information. As per the Global Risks Report released by World Economic Forum, 95% of such breaches are caused by human error. Using the removable drive on a public computer, or leaving it plugged, or vulnerable to theft, or carelessly losing the portable drive while in transit and so on are some of the instances which expose threat for data stored on USBs.

Cybercrime continues to evolve with the ongoing technology. In the year 2021, it was found that smaller companies and individual business owners faced 350% more social engineering attacks than larger enterprises (Forbes, 2022). Although large enterprises can still survive this attack and manage to withstand the impact in the market, it is impossible for small business owners and Individual business owners to resume their businesses after such an attack. Hence, it becomes important to prevent such attacks, even before they happen. Also, even if the data hack occurs, measures should prevent data leaks during the attack causing minimum damage.

Data Gained from Individual Businesses

When it comes to Individual business owners, the data they hold in their removable disk drives can be extremely critical and related to their business or even customers. Individual business owners carry their data on USB drives as they are constantly meeting other people and would like to keep showcase the data in case the requirement does come up. This makes it a common possibility to lose the data when using a public network, computer, or a physical theft.

The data gained from such attacks have the entire data of the company, their financial account details, their future business strategies, customers data, market data, and a lot more. All this information, if leaked, is more than enough to damage any business in the world that is owned by an individual business owner. It might also include personal data of the individual and other clients as well. Therefore, an individual business owner is at risk of compromising their data and clients’ data, which can also cause a loss of trust.

In case the data is leaked, it would lead to a loss of reputation among the clients and a financial loss for the companies. The data loss around technology and products can be misused if exposed to the hackers. This could impact the owner legally too if personal identifiable information or trade secrets of the client is involved.

Need for Encryption

While Individual business owners may also use expensive cloud storage, they prefer to use removable data drives for easy accessibility without network requirements. Using encryption software is one the most fundamental measures for them as it helps them to prevent the data from being exposed. Even if the USB drive is hacked or stolen, the data remains secured. Therefore, Individual business owners can use their removable drives anywhere and can add the data to the encryption vault, which ensures that the data can only be accessed by the owner of the data. Considering the convenience of USB data storage and its vulnerabilities of a data hack, users can be rest assured that with encryption, even if the data was hacked it would be ineligible for the hackers as they cannot decrypt without the passcode generated during encryption.

Cryptainer USB Data Encryption

Individual business owners require easy and inexpensive data security solutions which do not compromise the security of their data. Using Cypherix’s Cryptainer USB encryption software, individuals can make sure that their data on any removable drive is always protected in real time. With the simple user interface and drag-and-drop operation, it can be used by anyone, without any kind of training.

The encryption software can be run directly to encrypt the data without being installed on the computer. Cryptainer USB encryption creates a stand-alone or portable install on external removable media like USB. Thus, as a business owner you can carry the device anywhere without being anxious about data leakage in case of the device loss.

Cryptainer USB can encrypt all kinds of data formats by simply dragging and dropping the data in seconds. The encryption software facilitates access, creation and working of multiple encrypted disks within a single window. This can enable secured data backups for your business. The virtual keyboard and privilege mode prevents unauthorized usage by a keylogger.


Cryptainer USB Encryption Software is an apt encryption software, which provides protection to your data on any kind of removable storage device. It will not only protect your files but will also provide complete peace of mind, as you never again have to worry about your data being leaked. The Cryptainer USB Encryption Software is constantly updated to ensure that it continues to provide the best protection for the data stored on your device. You can secure all your data on the removable drive, which is free from any piracy or hacking attempts. Thus, you can protect all the sensitive information and confidential data stored on USB drive.

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