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Encryption for Insurance Companies and Employees


Insurance companies store a large amount of customer data such as personal identifiable information (PII) which makes them potential targets for cybercriminals. In addition to the PII data, the clients also share financial and health records with their insurance providers. This data is in turn managed by the employees working in insurance firms. Every employee is responsible for handling multiple customers at once. Handling multiple customers and multiple data can be a cause of concern in the absence of adequate data security policies.

With the rising cyberattacks on the insurance industry, Governments across the world have introduced regulations that penalize companies who have lacunae in their data protection measures. This has led to many companies adopting a proactive approach in setting up the necessary policies, tools and educating their employees on data safety rules. However, with the increasing advancements in the hacking technologies, the companies need to constantly upgrade their data management policies.

Data Types Being Hacked at Insurance Companies

Insurance agents or the employees of the insurance companies have various clients to deal with, who invest in their insurance policies and schemes. Therefore, they also need the data of the client to make the necessary entry and complete the necessary formalities. It is one of the major reasons why the insurance company employee would have all the personal details of the clients like name, phone number, address, e-mail id, social security number, marital status, and more. Apart from that, there are also chances that the client’s data may include financial details like bank and card details, payment details, and more. This kind of data is very sensitive, both for the client and the insurance company.

Since the data of the client is accurate for insurance purposes, it has immense value. Therefore, hackers have been targeting the data of these insurance companies through data breaches via employee systems. Spam e-mails, messages, links, phishing, and even physical theft of the assets like laptops or removeable media are primarily used by hackers to steal data. Hacking such critical data would lead to complete exposure of the client’s personal and financial details on the internet, which in turn could cause severe consequences like identity fraud or theft. At the same time, the business would have to bear the financial, legal, and reputational loss at their end.

Need for Encryption at Insurance Companies

Employees working at insurance companies handle sensitive information, which is at rest, transmitted or exchanged frequently. Although the data servers are protected with the latest data protection technology, there is always a chance that the hackers get a backdoor entry through any method via the employees’ machine and accessing critical information for their personal benefits. If it occurred, the data can be leaked online through dark web or held against ransom.

However, by deploying a data encryption software, companies can safeguard themselves against data breaches. In such cases, even if the hackers can access the data by hacking or spamming an employee, they will still not be able to read or understand it. The encryption software makes sure that the data is encrypted in a language that cannot be understood by anyone. Unless the data is decrypted using the same password that was used to create, the data will be worthless. As already mentioned, insurance companies hold vast amount of sensitive data. Therefore, with the encryption software, they can be assured that the sensitive data will never be exposed to the hackers during a cyberattack, and the data will remain safe.

Another big concern for insurance companies is if the employee leaves the job or mistakenly encrypts vital data. To avoid such administrative issues, it is vital that the boss or manager has the ability to maintain control and recover such data, if necessary.

Safeguarding the critical data can help companies protect themselves from financial losses, legal implications, and credibility loss. Additionally, the loss of data can result in loss of the clientele which will further erode the company’s value.

How Cryptainer Enterprise Encryption Software Helps Insurance Companies?

Insurance companies around the world deploy the best security features and techniques to save data from being hacked by cybercriminals. However, adding Cypherix’s Cryptainer Enterprise data encryption software adds the protective layer to their cybersecurity framework. The software is a user-friendly encryption software and uses a simple drag-and-drop solution. The encryption software is built on cryptography solutions like Blowfish and AES that is compliant with Global regulations, thus ensuring compliance for the insurance companies. The data encryption software encrypts all kinds of data formats like word, excel, pdf, video, audio etc. in seconds and creates a virtual disk known as vault which can be accessed by a passcode used during encryption.

The administrative module of the Cryptainer Enterprise makes it ideal for insurance company usage. The module allows the company administrator to access the encrypted file in case the employee forgets or loses the password. It also helps provide the administrator with a single point of control to have access to all the vaults. At the same time, it also helps to maintain data security. Due to this, the data security guidelines of the company can be easily integrated into the workflow without having to make changes in the company software.

The end-user interface of the encryption software is similar to the other encryption software packages from Cypherix. Features like 448-bit encryption, built-in protection for all executables and binaries against modification, and password access control are just some of the few features that the encryption software will provide. One of the best features of this encryption software is that the insurance employee does not need additional training to use it.

The software can easily run on windows operating system where it also provides command line processing option so that encrypting/decrypting is possible at the dos prompt.  It ensures that the data cannot be interpreted in a readable format by hackers, even if it is hacked. Cryptainer Enterprise provides the insurance company with unbreakable data security measure they desire for the clients’ sensitive data. The data encryption software creates multiple vaults for all the files and folders which can be traced on the systems as additional hard drive. The administrative panel also gives the administrators of the insurance company to manage the data security and contact controlling from a single point.


Cryptainer Enterprise encryption alleviates the data security concerns of the insurance company. Backed with an administrative module that allows the administrator to control and access all the company data, it is an apt encryption for all medium or a large-scale company. The encryption software can secure all the data used by the insurance company employee and ensure that the data is never hacked. Cryptainer Enterprise helps to maintain control over the data, even though multiple employees are working on it simultaneously. The Administrative module allows the owners or designated admins monitor the data in the distributed vaults.

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