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Why Use Cryptainer?

There is virtually no privacy on almost all desktops today. Privacy and security that we take for granted in the real world does not exist on your PC. With very little or no effort, all data is accessible to any number to people – from family and co-workers to system administrators and hackers. Cryptainer encryption software is a comprehensive encryption and security solution for businesses and individuals. It takes the most secure encryption algorithms like BlowFish and combines them with their security software. Many encryption services are available online and, in the market, but they are service providers. The individual or business will never fully control the encryption software and the restrictions. However, with Cryptainer, one can purchase the software directly from Cypherix, a software-based company. Due to this, the users have complete control of the data security, permissions, restrictions, and much more. There are many reasons Cryptainer has become the right choice for data security, and here are some of them.

Real-time file and folder protection

Cryptainer encryption provides real-time protection to the files and data stored in the software’s virtual drive. It makes sure that as soon as the files are dragged and dropped into the drive, they are secured and encrypted. The encryption process secures the files all the time and can only be accessed using a single password. Apart from the files, the software also provides real-time protection for the folders. Therefore, once you start using the software, there is no need to worry about the data and files as they are secured 24×7.

Fast Encryption speed

One of the major drawbacks of most encryption services is that they are slow and take a lot of time to encrypt the data. This especially becomes difficult with larger amounts of data. However, The disk encryption software makes sure that the speed of encrypting the data is not compromised with high-quality compression. It takes almost a similar time, the users take in copy-pasting the file. The speed of the software makes sure that regardless of the file size, the encryption of the software takes place efficiently.

Secure Email

One of the other major features of Cryptainer encryption is the secure e-mail module. It allows the users to self-extract the encrypted files in the e-ail without compromising the data quality. The best part about it is that the user does not need to have software installed on their system, especially when they are email recipients. One can automatically decrypt the file from the email; the password is all required to access the file. Once the user enters the password, the file automatically decrypts.

No Format Limitation

One of the best advantages of Cryptainer encryption software is that it does not cater to a specific file format. Instead, it supports many file formats that can be easily encrypted. Be it text, tabular, graphics, database, video, audio, or anything else; the software can be used to encrypt it. Also, this file can be easily shared in the same format with others as well. Since there are no limitations on format, the companies and individuals can use it through any domain and platform.

Ghost Drive

One of the best features of the encryption software is the ghost or the virtual drive. It would appear on the computer as a normal drive like E or F when used. However, when unloaded, the drive would simply disappear. The files would remain encrypted and hidden, and no one else could use them. Therefore, it provides another level of security to the files saved on a PC.

Easy-to-use functions

Cryptainer is regarded as the best folder encryption software for all windows (32-bit as well as 64-bit), and there is a reason for it. All the software functions are as easy and similar to basic Windows functions. For example, the user will be able to use the same cut, copy, and paste functions here, similar to what they use on Windows. Also, they can create a file or folder and use it in the encrypted virtual drive. Overall, the UI and functionality of the software have been kept as simple as possible, making it easy to use and navigate even for a first-time user.

Create your own password

The Cryptainer encryption software allows users to create the best password for their files. The software can accept a password of up to 100 characters, with multiple combinations. Due to this, users can also create passwords with losing phrases that are easier to remember but otherwise difficult for anyone else to crack.

Multiple devices

The software works on not only a PC system but also a flash drive, removable drives, and USB drives. The USB encryption software can also create allows to create a ‘stand-alone’ or a ‘portable’ install of Cryptainer Encryption Software on a removable drive, USB flash drive.  This encryption software can be run directly from the device without having to be installed on the host computer. This helps the users easily move their data from one system to another while it is still encrypted. It makes the software one of the most versatile among the competition.

All-in-one package:

File and Folder Encryption, Secure Email, Shredding all in one package. No need for additional security applications, this one does it all.


Regarding software compatibility, users do not have anything to worry about. The software has been designed to work with all the versions of the Windows operating system. First, it is available in both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows. It can be used on multiple Windows versions like Windows XP/Vista/ Windows 7 / Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10, and even on the latest Windows 11 operating system. The software also supports MS Windows-supported file systems like FAT, FAT12, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS with EFS, etc. The software does not need a very high configuration to run and can be easily used on low-end systems.


These are some of the best features of Cryptainer, making it one of the best encryption and cryptography software available for individuals and businesses. The software is apt for small and large-scale enterprises and can be easily used in various locations. No matter if a business has offices in multiple locations, it can still be used. The algorithms and security of the software are constantly upgraded to ensure that even the latest threats to data privacy can be resolved. There is a free version of the software and paid version as well, depending on the users’ requirements. However, you can still go for a free trial of the software and then purchase the full version after experiencing the unbreakable data security.

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